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Placing Architecture in the Context of Arts and Science

October 5, 2017

As noted in this article by the Wall Street Journal, schools across the country are seeing a decline in the number of liberal arts degrees awarded. Data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) shows only a 6% increase in the number of students completing degrees in the liberal arts and humanities over a 10 year time span (2005-2015). Comparatively, that same data shows more than twice as many students are completing degrees in the areas of homeland security, parks and recreation, and the health professions. As a point of interest, the graphic above adds architecture in the context of the other disciplines. While architecture fares better than the liberal arts when assessed by number of degrees awarded, it shows a slight decline in recent years and does not have the same positive trajectory as engineering and mathematics. If the number of degrees awarded is going to keep up with the future demand of architects needed in the U.S., architecture will have to look within the curriculum and find ways to emphasize research and technology to remain competitive with other disciplines.  

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