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Help ACSA Member Schools Recover Post-Hurricane

September 25, 2017
From the Executive Director

ACSA is asking member schools to identify themselves if they are able to support schools significantly affected by the three major hurricanes that have hit Houston, South Florida, and Puerto Rico over the last three weeks. At least nine full and candidate member schools are in the heaviest hit areas. 

The island of Puerto Rico was hit by Irma and Maria, and seems to have been the most damaged. Reports from ACSA's president, Francisco J. Rodriguez-Suarez, who is a professor at Universidad de Puerto Rico and weathered the storm with his family on the island, match those in the media: the immediate needs are electricity and the ability to establish basic services, followed by a long term clean up and rebuild. 

We have no word yet on the status of the four architecture schools on the island, as cell phone service is very limited. However, with estimates in the months for restoring electricity to the island, students and faculty may need immediate help resettling on a temporary basis. Longer term, the universities and parts of the island will engage in a rebuilding process that could benefit from the energy and talents of architecture schools and their students. 

If your school, your faculty, or your students and related organizations wish to offer assistance to the universities, please email me with details: exdir@acsa-arch.orgDescribe briefly the kinds of assistance you're willing to offer, such as housing and office space for students or faculty, space in academic courses, or other support. 

The schools in Houston, Miami, Boca Raton, and Tampa seem to be back working (and helping others to rebuild), but may have suffered disruptions. Four architecture schools in Puerto Rico are members: Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, Universidad De Puerto Rico, and Universidad del Turabo.
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