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University of Texas At San Antonio

April 21, 2017

Armando Araiza, Lecturer, led his undergraduate students in the design, fabrication, and mounting of a public art installation mounted on the façade of the Houston Street Parking Garage in downtown San Antonio, TX. The installation was composed of 128 individual aluminum modules clustered to create 16 unique tiles. The tiles were designed to evoke handmade Mexican "talavera" tiles, and composed to recall a map of San Antonio.

Ed Burian, Professor, had his essay on Mexico City’s geography, environmental challenges, and recent proposals for regenerative landscapes published as a chapter in René Davids, ed., Shaping Terrain: City Building in Latin America, University Press of Florida, (2016). He also recently lectured on, “The Reinterpretation of Mayan Architecture in Mexico and the US,” at a symposium for a traveling national exhibition, Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed, that featured Mayan artifacts and interpretative exhibits at the Witte Museum, San Antonio, TX.


Ian Caine, Assistant Professor, recently published an article in Log, and has work in progress for MONU, Scenario, and Lunch. He is also guest editing a special issue of Sustainability with Dr. Rebecca Walter that examines the prospects to achieve sustainable growth in suburbia. He continues his work as a researcher at the Spatial History Project at Stanford University, where he is leading an effort to create an interactive chronology that examines the suburban expansion of San Antonio, Texas. Caine also received the 2016-2017 ACSA/AIAS New Faculty Teaching Award, given to three architectural faculty nationwide for excellence in early career teaching. Additionally, Architecture 2030 included a studio curriculum that he developed with Dr. Rahman Azari in the 2016 Pilot Curriculum Project, acknowledging it as one of seven nationwide that “transform the culture of sustainable design education.” Students from this same studio have won national awards in the AIA COTE Top Ten for Students Competition in each of the last two years.


Antonio Petrov, Assistant Professor, had his exhibit, 1000 Parks and a Line in the Sky: Broadway, Avenue of the Future, featured at the UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures. The exhibit features a 50-foot-long model of Broadway, a street that has the potential to become San Antonio’s great urban avenue. He also recently organized a symposium, Puro- On the Edge of Future on how the term "puro" reflects layers of San Antonio's history, culture, economy, philosophies and how it also influences the physical environment, especially with the city's growth.


Shelley Roff, Associate Professor, is completing a forthcoming book, Treasure of the City: Public Construction in Late Medieval Barcelona, that illustrates the transformative role the construction of public works, monuments and urban spaces played in the crystallization of municipal power in late medieval Barcelona. The text is an urban and architectural history that grounds its theses in the city’s social, political and economic history. Her investigation of the historical development of Barcelona also includes a virtual reconstruction of the medieval city.


Candid Rogers, Lecturer, received awards for the design of “House 117’ as a Special Mention in the  Architzer 2017 A+Awards program in the “Architecture + Stone” category, a 2016 AIA Honor Detail Award, and an AIA Citation Design Award 2016 for the Barrera House. He also had one of his students win the 2016 ACSA Farnsworth House Competition. 


Stephen Temple, Associate Professor, is editing and writing a book under contract with Routledge for publication in 2018 entitled, Promoting Creative Thinking in Beginning Design Studios, which will reveal myriad under-regarded issues in introducing creative thinking in beginning design studio courses, how learning and creative thinking happens, and how it transforms student design thinking.  He also published two papers, "Developing Abstraction through Experience in Architectural Pedagogies: Making is Connecting" in The International Journal of Architectonic, Spatial, and Environmental Design, and "Learning to Draw Through Digital Modeling" in Design and Technology Education: An International Journal.  


Jae Yong Suk, Assistant Professor, had his research paper co-authored with Professor Marc Schiler and Karen Kensek of the USC School of Architecture, “Is Exterior Glare Problematic?: Investigation on Visual Discomfort Caused by Reflected Sunlight on Specular Building Facades,” win the Best Paper Award at the 32nd International Passive and Low Energy Architecture (PLEA) Conference recently held in Los Angeles, CA.

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