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Governance Change: Bylaws Amendment Vote

April 19, 2017
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Based on feedback from the membership, the ACSA Board of Directors has voted to propose Bylaws amendments that implement the governance change

The ACSA membership must approve these changes by an online ballot. We ask that you consider these changes, use the opportunities for additional questions and feedback, and vote online by May 24, 2017.

Only the Faculty Councilor of each Full-Member school has access to the online ballot. If you have forgotten your ACSA login information, please use the “forgot password” function or contact the ACSA office at (202) 785-2324.
In order to vote, Faculty Councilors will need to:
> Log into the ACSA Website
> Click the ballot link above.
> Review the information and complete the online ballot by 5pm PTMay 24, 2017.
To adopt the following two sets of amendments to the Bylaws of the Association described below and shown in text edits.  

Download a markup of the ACSA bylaws showing the proposed language changes.
Amendment 1. Transition Regional Directors to At-Large Directors
The amendments remove the "geographically defined constituent associations" that structure the board of directors, replacing the seven regionally elected directors with five directors elected by the entire membership. Director terms will be staggered. Current regional directors will complete their existing terms, and new at-large directors will join gradually over three years.

Amendment 2. Strengthen the Process for Involving Volunteers 
The amendments create a single Nominating Committee for all board positions (rather than three separate nominating committees) and establish a process for the membership to add candidates to election ballots by petition. Through changes to the Rules of the Board of Directors, which the membership is not required to approve, the ACSA board will establish higher standards for accountability for recruiting and involving volunteers in service on the board, committees, task forces, and other bodies. Multiple forms of diversity will be tracked and shared with the membership, including geographic, racial/ethnic, gender, program type, institutional setting, and others.

Amendment 3. Routine Clean-Up
Additional text changes are included to bring the organization more clearly in compliance with Washington, DC, law; to address inconsistencies in capitalization; to remove reference to standing committees that are no longer in place; and to make other incidental changes.


April 13 Online voting opens
April 2410:30-11:30 am Eastern
May 53:00-4:00 pm Eastern
Bylaws proposal discussed in conference calls with the ACSA membership
May 24 Deadline for online voting 5:00 pm Pacific

Contact Eric Ellis, ACSA Director of Operations and Programs
phone: (202) 785-2324

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