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Committee Summit

September 16, 2016

by Bruce Lindsey, ACSA President

Three years ago, ACSA embarked on governance restructuring that led to changes to the board and committees. We now have two presidents-elect, Francisco Javier Rodriguez and Branko Kolarevic, which gives the board greater institutional memory and development time. Rashida Ng is also our first combined secretary/treasurer, following best practices in non-profit organization.

As I write to you from the ACSA office, we are excited to launch the first Committee Summit, inaugurating three new committees with the goals of engaging more member faculty around their interests and expertise, focusing initiatives on issues that matter to our schools, and allowing the organization to be more nimble in addressing the goals and objectives of the new strategic plan

Thanks to David Hinson and to the members of the task force, who made these recommendations, and thanks to the members and chairs of the committees, who were nominated through a robust interest from our member faculty. The Research and Scholarship Committee is chaired by Shannon Criss, the Education Committee is chaired by Lynne Dearborn, and the Leadership Committee is chaired by Rebecca O’Neal Dagg.

The committees will be immediately working on specific issues such as diversity & community college partnerships, a white paper on tenure and promotion, and a service to support graduate applications. But they will also be discussing a broad range of issues setting the context for the next several years of work. We look forward to sharing our work with you and encourage you to participate in this important new phase for ACSA.

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