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Texas A&M University

October 15, 2015

A multi-PI team at TAMU, Drs. Xuemei Zhu (Department of Architecture), Chanam Lee (Department of Landscape and Urban Planning), and Marcia Ory (School of Public Health), recently received a NIH grant of $2,684,000 to develop a longitudinal study on the health impacts of an activity-friendly community, Mueller in Austin, TX, on residents' physical activity and health. This project is based on the team’s pilot project in the community supported by grants from AIA and Johns Hopkins University. 

This project addresses the growing problem of obesity in the US, exploring innovative environmental/policy approaches to reduce major risk factors such as physical inactivity at the population level. Within a 5-year study period, it will examine how an activity friendly community can increase residents' levels of physical activity and influence when and where they are physically active. It will also provide insights into why environmental and psychosocial factors influence physical activity, and how place impacts lifestyle behaviors related to the burden of obesity.

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