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North Carolina State University

July 17, 2015


Now available -- Public Interest Design Practice Guidebook

Public Interest Design Practice Guidebook: SEED Methodology, Case Studies, and Critical Issues introduces the standards and rigor that are needed to build public interest design into a practice that has a major global impact. Writings by Thomas Fisher, Heather Fleming, Michael Cohen, Michael P. Murphy Jr., Alan Ricks, and others cover topics such as professional business development, increasing positive impact, design evaluation, capacity building, and many more. 

Themes, including public engagement and project assessment, are presented throughout the book and provide clear methods for an informed practice. Included are a step-by-step methodology and other tools for professionals to grow their public practices with new clients, new fee sources, and more meaningful design solutions. Groundbreaking is an Issues Index that categorizes 90 critical issues addressed by design which are clearly documented by an array of community projects focusing on global challenges.

This comprehensive manual also contains a glossary, a case study locator atlas, and a reading list, integrating research and techniques so that you can design community-centered environments, products, and systems. Whether you are working in the field of architecture, urban planning, industrial design, landscape architecture, or communication design,this book will inspire a public interest design practice that is informed and inclusive.

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