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University of Southern California

April 30, 2014
NotLY was invented at USC by Professor Karen M. Kensek and professor Douglas Noble just over seven years ago

NotLY means "Not Licensed Yet."

-- USC has the largest and most aggressive architecture licensing program in the country.  It is called "NotLY."
-- Just last Saturday, more than 250 people were here at USC all day taking NotLY classes covering three of the exams.  The classes were free.  We do these classes very often.

-- Next month, USC will host 25 NotLY classes in four full days.  All are free.  More than 500 people are signed up already.  They each signed up for about 5 or 6 classes.  Several classes are already full (we should not say "sold-out" since they are free). See attached schedule.

-- NotLY organized study groups that will meet this week in Riverside, Santa Monica, the City of Orange, Sherman Oaks, and downtown.  Typical study groups meet five consecutive weeks for one day a week. They average about 12 people in each.

-- 325 lecture classes in 7 years, not counting study groups.

-- over 13000 individual registrations for the lecture classes.  This number will climb way up after the May 2014 sessions (we are expecting about 4000 registrations for those four days).

-- the licensing rate in California is up substantially since we started.  420 people were licensed in California the year NotLY started.  595 were licensed last year.  These numbers are still too small, but licensing is up 40% since we started.  40% is a lot.  We are pushing for even higher numbers.

-- almost 100 different instructors have taught just this year.  They are all volunteers.

-- all-volunteer programs, and never a fee of any kind.

-- NotLY won a National ACSA award in 2014 for extraordinary achievement.

-- NotLY was invited to present at AIA Chicago as a model program for national expansion. We are going.

-- NotLY offers lectures, study groups, email support, social media, peer-support and more.

-- NotLY has just under 1700 members (no fees, ever).

-- Multiple NotLY classes at USC every month.  Everyone is welcome (you do not have to be USC alumnus).
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