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Montana State University

December 9, 2013

The College of Art and Architecture at Montana State University sponsored the symposium “ A Critical Rediscovery of the Northern Rockies” this past October. It was a two-day interdisciplinary gathering.  Professor Vincent Canizaro, chair at UT San Antonio gave the keynote address “Regionalism and Realism” on Friday evening as an open public lecture.  The following day there were presentations by architects, geographers and historians, artists and musical performances and film presentations followed by a number of discussion sessions.

The topic sessions were  “Design and Landscape”, “Settlements and Rituals” and “Images and Sounds”.  There were also two exhibitions during the weekend “Wild Clay and Field Paper” and “Taking Stock: a Morphology”. Participants were both local and international and all sessions were well attended by students and faculty from a wide variety of disciplines and professions

Professor Ralph Johnson and Teaching Professor Barry Newton from the School of Architecture coordinated the symposium. The proceedings will be published digitally in February.  The 2nd Symposium, which will occur over a three-day period will be held in late Sept 2014. A call for participation will be issued early in 2014.

Assistant Professor Bradford Watson presented the following papers during 2013:
2013 – Watson, B. Burkholder, S.  “Soil and Surface-A place of Inhabitation through Reclamation“, ACSA Fall Conference
2013 – Burkholder, S. Watson, B.  “Beyond the Last Best Place”, Critical Rediscovery of the Northern Rockies
2013 – Watson, B.  “Infrastructure of Place” Collages, Critical Rediscovery of the Northern Rockies
2013 – Watson, B.  “Threshold of Place”, Lantern Journal, Volume II Issue 2
2013 – Watson, B.  “Unstable Ground”, On Site 29: geology
2013 – Watson, B.  Collages included in Group Exhibition, sketch. presented by d3

The faculty congratulates Zuzanna Karczewska on her promotion to Associate Professor. 

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