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University at Buffalo

November 18, 2013
Assistant Professor Georg Rafailidis gave a lecture about his work in practice and teaching at the Academy of Art University in their Fall Events 2013 Lecture Series, Department of Architecture, San Francisco CA on November 14th. Link to lecture series poster: The New Museum in New York lent the structure "MirrorMirror" by Davidson Rafailidis, to the Echo Art Fair at the Erie County Public Library Downtown Buffalo, NY September 7-8. Link: The project is also covered in the Fall issue of Forward, the scholarly journal of the American Institute of Architects. The scholarly journal, Forward, is produced by the National Associates Committee to provide a voice for Associate AIA members within the Institute. "Free Zoning", a project that won the Strip-Appeal competition to reinvent vacant strip malls, was exhibited at the 2013 Eme3 exhibition "Bottom-Up" in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

In October, Nick Bruscia and Chris Romano conducted a 2-day fabrication workshop titled, "Rigidized Metal Forming", as part of the ACADIA Adaptive Architecture Conference in Waterloo, CA.  The workshop was located at Silo City and focused on drawing-to-production methods using thin-gauge, textured stainless steel sheets.  The event was sponsored by Rick Smith and Rigidized Metals and was attended by many B/a students.
They also presented a peer-reviewed paper titled, "Material Parameters and Digitally Informed Fabrication of Textured Metals" along with a poster exhibition of project 2XmT.

During the conference they were also invited to present project 3xLP, which was on display as one of four finalists in the TEX-FAB Skin Competition, in the Pecha Kucha event titled, "Showcase: Work in Progress".  During the ACADIA conference, TEX-FAB announced project 3xLP as the Winner of the international SKIN Competition.  Shortlisted as one of the four finalists by the first Round jury in August, the Second Round jury: Neil Denari, James Carpenter, Mic Patterson and BIll Zahner conferred and chose project 3xLP based on its meeting all the competition criteria to the highest degree, for its clarity, and overall project development.  

Romano and Bruscia will build a fourth generation, full-scale prototype with fabrication sponsorship by Rigidized Metals and Zahner Co. for the TEX-FAB 5 event in Austin, Texas, February 2014. Both project 2XmT and project 3xLP were done in collaboration with B/a students Phil Gusmano, M.Arch 2015, and Dan Vrana, M.Arch 2015.  News about both project 2XmT and project 3xLP can be found at:

In November, Romano and Bruscia presented a second peer-reviewed paper titled, "Analyzing Material Behavior using Cold-Formed, Textured Stainless Steel" at the 47th Annual ASA International Conference in Hong Kong, China.
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