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Lawrence Technological University

September 13, 2013
Dale Allen Gyure, Ph.D., has been promoted to Professor of Architecture. During the summer, Dr. Gyure participated in a symposium in London, sponsored by the University of Melbourne, entitled "School is Another Place: The Making and Meaning of the School Environment in the Twentieth Century." Dr. Gyure’s paper focused on mid-century “casual” school buildings and their relationship to child-centered culture. He also presented a lecture, “Serenity and Delight: The Architectural Humanism of Minoru Yamasaki,” as part of the Michigan Modern: Design that Shaped America symposium at Cranbrook in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. And Dr. Gyure's article, "A Lost Opportunity: Wright’s Ill-Fated Music Building for Florida Southern College,” was published in the spring edition of the Frank Lloyd Wright Quarterly.

Deirdre L. C. Hennebury has joined the LTU faculty as Assistant Professor of History and Theory.  An interdisciplinary scholar with degrees in Architecture and Urban Planning from Princeton, Harvard and the University of Michigan, Deirdre's research focuses on the use of cultural institutions, such as museums and libraries, to create signature landmarks that act as catalysts for economic growth and social improvement. Other research interests include how architecture, history and place are leveraged for educational and financial purposes.

Ayodh Kamath, Assistant Professor of Digital Design and Production Technologies.  He received his Master of Architecture degree from Massachusetts Institute Technology.  He received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Sushant School of Art and Architecture, in India.  Professor Kamath is a Partner Architect at Kamath Design Studio, in New Dehli, India.
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