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Catholic University of America

February 13, 2013

Urban Practice Concentration students from the Master of Architecture program under the direction of professors Eric Jenkins, Mark McInturff, and Elizabeth Emerson presented their Jersey City Harsimus Embankment project at the New York AIA's Center for Architecture in Greenwich Village on January 18th, 2013. The project was developed during the Fall 2012 and comprised six block-long stone abutments. The Embankment runs through historic Jersey City, yet its future role in the city remains undetermined. Developers, city officials, local residents, architects, and academicians from Columbia and Pratt were among the approximately 200 people who attended the open house to participate in the student presentation and the question & answer session.

Photo Hemeroscopium House, Madrid by Ensamble Studio

The first of the 2013 Spring Lecture Series of the Catholic University of America will feature Antón García-Abril at 6:30pm on February 13, 2013 at the National Builiding Museum in Washington, D.C. Antón García-Abril is an Architect and Professor at the School of Architecture and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA. He was previously a professor at the School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (E.T.S.A.M.-U.P.M.) and a guest faculty at M.I.T., GSD at Harvard, Cornell and several other universities in North America and Europe. He received the Spanish Academy Research Prize in Rome in 1996 and in 2000 established ENSAMBLE STUDIO, leading a team that began a search for the architectural application of conceptual and structural experimentation. The work of ENSAMBLE STUDIO shows an ongoing exploration on the relationship of materiality, technology, and architectural space. Through this work, materials and constructive elements are continuously exposed, recontextualized, and reassembled to create and communicate spatial dichotomies in an experimental process that becomes as relevant as its final product. The architectural work and professional accomplishments of Antón García-Abril have been acknowledged in multiple opportunities at national and international arenas.


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