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University of Oregon

January 2, 2013
Associate Professor Ihab Elzeyadi is a keynote speaker at the inaugural International Conference for Building Technology, hosted by the KAUST Technological University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, December 3-5, 2012. The title of his talk is: Regenerative Design: towards Net Positive Buildings and Material Assemblies.

Professor Kevin Nute and graduate student Jeffrey Stattler will present a joint paper entitled The Movements of the Weather as an Interactive Indoor Therapy at the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association Conference in Berkeley, California in March 2013. Kevin will also be presenting his research on naturally-animated indoor spaces together with the work of the 'Under the Weather' health-care design studio at the 2013 Environmental Design Research Association conference on Healthy and Healing Places.  His paper entitled The Animation of the Weather as a Means of Sustaining Building Occupants and the Natural Environment, co-authored with former graduate student Aaron Weiss, in collaboration with Jagdeep Bala and Richard Morrocco of the UO Department of Psychology, will be published in The International Journal of Environmental Sustainability.

Elzeyadi is also giving the keynote address for the Architecture 712 conference in Cairo, Egypt on Innovative Facade Technologies for retrofitting buildings + a related research project and workshop.

Elzeyadi is also serving as an External Examiner and Jury chair for Thesis Graduation Projects, Department of Architecture, Kuwait University, Kuwait. Consultant/Architect, Kuwait City School Retrofits and Modernization Projects.
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