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New Jersey Institute of Technology

October 12, 2012
The College of Architecture and Design at NJIT is pleased to announce that Dr. Jesse LeCavalier joined us in the fall of 2012 as Assistant Professor of Architecture. Before coming to NJIT, LeCavalier was a Poiesis Fellow at the Institute for Public Knowledge at New York University and a senior researcher at the Singapore-ETH Center’s Future Cities Laboratory. From 2010-11, he was the Walter B. Sanders Fellow at the University of Michigan’s Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning. He is also a member of Co+LeCavalier, a design studio concerned with transforming everyday life at a range of scales, including furniture, buildings, and urban design. He is a co-author, with John Harwood and Guillaume Mojon, of the publication This Will _ This (Standpunkte, 2009). His article “All Those Numbers: Logistics, Territory, and Walmart” for Design Observer: Places was named one of “Nearly 100 Fantastic Pieces of Journalism” from the Atlantic in 2011. He has also contributed to journals such as MAS Context, MONU and 306090, as well as the collections Infrastructure as Architecture (Jovis Verlag, 2010), Cities of Change: Addis Ababa (Birkhäuser, 2009) and Deviations: Designing Architecture (Birkhäuser, 2008). His research concerns questions of logistics, form, and representation as they relate to architecture. LeCavalier is currently working on a book about Walmart’s spatial operations and their architectural, territorial, and political implications. 
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