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Southern Illinois University

February 22, 2012

Shannon Sanders McDonald, Assistant Professor, AIA is a new faculty member at Southern Illinois University School of Architecture. She has authored the book: Design and Evolution of a Modern Urban Form published by the Urban Land Institute that was the basis for a recent exhibit at the National Building Museum titled: House of Cards. She has written numerous articles and given many presentations all over the world on parking, architecture, urban design, sustainability, transportation and their future synergies. Her current research is with new movement technologies and 21st century design.

Craig Anz, Associate Professor, PhD  is working with an interdisciplinary team on relocation efforts for the area of Olive Branch, Illinois.  The region was severely affected by the 2010 flooding and levee breaks along the Mississippi River, requiring a large-scale FEMA buyout of properties.  Funded by a Walton Family Foundation grant, Dr. Anz is leading the design charette processes and the implementation of the Strategic Vision Documents for the development of a new, ideal town and distinct place within its region.   In addition, the process is engaging research and publication at multiple levels of disciplinary inquiry and knowledge integration to foster long-term use as a model case study.    

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