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North Carolina State University

February 13, 2012



Professor Thomas Barrie was an invited speaker at a symposium entitled “Transcending Architecture” hosted by the School of Architecture, The Catholic University of America, October 6-8, 2011. His paper, “The Domestic and Numinous in Architecture,” focused on domestic symbolism often incorporated in sacred architecture.

The European Review has published Professor Thomas Barrie’s article “Sacred Space and the Mediating Roles of Architecture” (European Review, Vol. 20, No. 1, 79-94, 2012)

A review of Professor Thomas Barrie’s book The Sacred In-between: The Mediating Roles of Architecture (Routledge, 2010), appeared in the fall issue of Faith & Form magazine (Vol. XLIV, No. 2, 2011).

The Person Street Project, a community-based urban design project conducted at the College of Design’s Downtown Design studio fall semester 2011, concluded with a public exhibition on Friday, December 2nd. The exhibition, mounted in a storefront space on Person Street, featured urban design proposals and housing designs produced by twelve students in an ARC 401, Architectural Design Urban, studio led by Professor Thomas Barrie. Over 200 people attended the opening, and the project was featured in an article in the News and Observer. The project included research on contemporary urbanism, mixed-use development, and existing city studies and development plans for the project area; the urban and streetscape design for the Person Street neighborhood; and the design of a mixed-use, housing project for the development sites at the north end of Person Street.

The project partners were the Person Street Partnership and the City of Raleigh Urban Design Center. Project sponsors included the Person Street Partnership, the Society for the Preservation of Historic Oakwood and the School of Architecture.

(attached: exhibition photo)


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