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Southern Illinois University

February 3, 2012

Assistant Instructor Thad Heckman, RA of the School of Architecture Southern Illinois University Carbondale is the first winner of the newly created Leicester B. Holland Prize was selected by a jury held on August 31, 2011. The Holland Prize, a competition open to both students and professionals, recognizes the best single-sheet measured drawing of an historic building, site, or structure prepared by an individual(s) to HABS/HAER/HALS standards and guidelines. The prize honors Leicester B. Holland (1882-1952), FAIA, who in the 1930s was chairman of the AIA’s Committee on Historic Buildings, head of the Fine Arts Division of the Library of Congress and first curator of the HABS collection, a co-founder of the HABS program, and the first chair of the HABS Advisory Board. It is administered by the Heritage Documentation Programs and is supported by the Paul Rudolph Trust, Architectural Record, a magazine of the American Institute of Architects, and the Center for Architecture, Design & Engineering in the Library of Congress.  The prize is intended to increase awareness, knowledge, and appreciation of historic sites, structures, and landscapes throughout the United States while adding to the permanent HABS, HAER and HALS collection at the Library of Congress, and to encourage the submission of drawings among professionals and students. By requiring only a single sheet, the competition challenges the delineator to capture the essence of the site through the presentation of key features that reflect its historic and its architectural, landscape architectural, or engineering significance. Assistant Instructor Heckman’s winning submittal is of the Richard Buckminster Fuller & Anne Hewlett Fuller Dome Home in Carbondale, Illinois.  From 1959 to 1970, Fuller taught at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Beginning as an assistant professor, he gained full professorship in 1968, in the School of Art and Design.      
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