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Clemson University

January 27, 2012
CAF Lecture: Miguel Roldan

The director of the Barcelona Architecture Center, design studio professor in the Clemson Genova Fluid Campus program, and partner in Roldan + Berengue’ Arquitectura, Barcelona, will speak in Lee 2-111, 3/9/2012, 1:30pm

Keith Evan Green, RA, PhD, Professor of Architecture and Electrical & Computer Engineering, will co-host "ar-CHI-tecture," a workshop of the  CHI 2012 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (Austin, Texas, May 5-10), the premier international conference on human-computer interaction [HCI]. The workshop is based on the premise that the methodological toolbox of HCI researchers and practitioners can be invaluable for understanding the challenges of designing buildings that meet users’ needs. Conversely, architectural knowledge is essential for HCI professionals and researchers designing interactive technologies for architectural settings. The workshop will bring together these communities to explore the benefits of archi­tecture, envisioned as integral to an expanded CHI community, and identify fundamental differences, similarities and synergies between design and research approaches that use architecture in different ways within HCI. Green co-authored with Mark Gross of CMU the interactionsfeature, "Architectural Robotics, Inevitably" published in the January + February 2012 issue. The article presents a case for “architectural robotics” - intelligent and adaptable physical environments. Green has prior and active funding as PI from the National Science Foundation for designing, prototyping and evaluating complex, environmental-scaled “architectural robotics.”

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