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Illinois Institute of Technology

January 23, 2012
Associate Professor John Ronan’s firm, John Ronan Architects, received the 2012 AIA Institute Honor award for the Poetry Foundation. The Chicago home of Poetry Magazine and Poetry Foundation administration, the building features public performance space, a gallery, and library. The building is sheathed in perforated oxidized zinc, with layers of glass and wood. AIA likened the building’s subtle, unfolding design to a poem being “revealed line by line.”

Assistant Professor Sean Keller has received a grant from the Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant Program.  The Warhol Foundation program supports contemporary art writing that engages a broader audience and whose rigor strengthens critical art writing as a discipline. Sean Keller, along with co-author Christine Mehring, will use the funding for their forthcoming book, Munich ’72: Olympian Art and Architecture (Chicago), which examines the significance of the 1972 Munich Olympics on German postwar identity, international artistic exchanges, and computational methods of architectural design.

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