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University of New Mexico

January 17, 2012

Eleni Bastéa, Ph.D., Professor, received a grant from the Colorado European Union Center of Excellence to develop a new interdisciplinary course titled: "Cities and Literature: Urban Change and Urban Narratives in Contemporary Europe," Spring 2012.

Margaret Pedone AIA, Lecturer, recently was awarded an ‘unbuilt citation award’ from the AIA Albuquerque for her project “3 River Barges”.

Kramer E Woodard, Associate Professor, has received a United States utility patent for his innovative prefabricated wall and structure system for use in small dwellings, particularly where rapid deployment is needed, as in disaster relief. Currently Woodard is working on two other systems to provide heating, cooling and electricity using solar energy, that will work in conjunction with the wall system. He expects utility patents for those systems next year.

Kristina H. Yu, Assistant Professor, competed and recently was awarded the Teaching Allocation Grant UNM for her study titled, “Technologically Enhanced Interactive Desk Critique: Reinvigorating the Studio Classroom”.  Prof. Yu along with Electrical Computer Engineer Prof. Olga Lavrova (UNM) competed to teach interdisciplinary courses ”Communal Concerns – Housing and Photovoltaic Assets” to be taught at the Schloss Dyck Foundations in Neuss, Germany Summer 2012.  Yu was recently selected to participate in the NSF funded faculty leadership workshop under the initiative of the NM Office of Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research.   The training, courses and funding are directly related to her research area of Housing Development and Shared Amenities.

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