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Ryerson University

December 5, 2011
The Katebi Medical Clinic and Kindergarten (KMCK), to be built in the village of Katebi, located about 30 km east of Kolwezi, in Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of Congo, is the result of a unique collaboration between Pamoja Tujenge (a Toronto-based charity), Ryerson University's Department of Architectural Science, and the Toronto office of Arup, one of the world's foremost engineering and design services firms. The Congo design/build initiative employs innovative, appropriate, environmentally sustainable strategies in terms of building materials and methods as well as heating, cooling, and electrical provision. KMCK is a model, off-the-grid facility. Essentially autonomous, it employs solar power to generate light and electricity and to run the project's autoclave, oven, and disinfection facilities. It collects and stores on site its own clean drinking water, as well as water sufficient to serve the drinking water needs of the village throughout the dry season. KMCK utilizes hygienic, environmentally-sound, compost latrines. And it is constructed out of indigenous materials - most notably earth, which is harvested from the site itself. It is anticipated construction will commence in 2013.
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