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University of Arizona

November 18, 2011
Dean Janice Cervelli joined the Executive Advisory Committee for U of A’s "The Next 125" at the invitation of President Eugene G. Sander. The University is celebrating 125 years since Arizona's 13th Territorial Legislature authorized it’s establishment in 1885. Dean Cervelli will be involved in high-level decision making and long-term strategic planning related to the next major strategic plan for the UA. 

Associate Professor Martin Despang of Despang Architekten was featured in The Chengdu 7788 Culture, the September issue of Ingenuity magazine.  The article, “High-Class Arcology,” features an interview with Despang and highlights four Despang Architeketen projects as case studies in its review of highly efficient buildings and the firm’s approach in designing diverse building typologies to foster a sustainable, bioclimatic lifestyle.  

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