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Clemson University

November 17, 2011
Keith Evan Green, RA, PhD, Professor of Architecture and Electrical & Computer Engineering, co-hosted the Graduate Student Symposium at the ACM Creativity & Cognition 2011 conference, hosted by Georgia Tech. At the same conference, he presented a demonstration of his developing, architectural-robotic “ART” project that is supported by the National Science Foundation in the cross-cutting, ”Smart Health & Wellbeing” Program (NSF award #IIS-1116075, $271k). ART is one component in a suite of intelligent components collectively called home+. home+ aims to increase the quality of life of both healthy individuals, as well as persons with impaired mobility, by intelligently supporting the physical organization of their immediate environment. Green presented developments of the ART project also in San Francisco at the Assistive Robotics workshop of IROS 2011, the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems. 
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