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University of Texas at Austin

October 18, 2011

The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture will honor the life and work of Associate Dean Kent Butler at a memorial symposium on October 1 at the UTSOA. Dr. Butler, a long-time faculty member, died during a hiking trip in Yosemite National Park in May.

The Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) is a proud co-sponsor of the 2011 UT Campus Sustainability Symposium September 23, 2011, led by the President's Sustainability Steering Committee, with support from UT's Office of Sustainability, the Center for Sustainable Development, the Campus Environmental Center, the Environmental Science Institute, and the UT Energy Institute.

Dean Fritz Steiner will moderate the panel discussion, "How Green is My City?," at the,,Texas Tribune Festival, which will take place on September 24 and 25 in Austin.

On Wednesday, November 3, Houston Tomorrow Distinguished Speaker Series luncheon, Dean Fritz Steiner will discuss his latest book, Design for a Vulnerable Planet, and his ideas for a sustainable future based on new regionalism-a theory of design which holds that structure and landscape should be inspired by the surrounding ecosystem. Steiner frequently works with local, state, and federal agencies on diverse environmental plans and designs. He is a member of the Steering Committee of America 2050 and is current president of the Hill Country Conservancy and board member of Envision Central Texas.

Pollen Architecture & Design's Balcones House will be featured on the 2011 American Institute of Architects <>Austin Homes Tour, October 1 and 2. Lecturers Elizabeth Alford and Dason Whitsett [B.Arch. '95, M.S.S.D. '05] are principals of Pollen Architecture (with Michael Young).

Associate Dean Kevin Alter was a featured speaker at the American Institute of Architects Arkansas 2011 State Convention in Hot Springs, on September 17, where he presented selected work from his firm, <>alterstudio architects, llp.

Assistant Professor Fernando Lara recently published two articles. "Incomplete Utopias: Embedded Inequalities in Brazilian Modern Architecture," appeared in the June 2011 edition of the Architectural Research Quarterly, published by Cambridge University Press. The article, "New (Sub)Urbanism and Old Inequalities in Brazilian Gated Communities," was published in the August 2011 edition of the Journal of Urban Design, published by Taylor & Francis Group.

Senior Lecturer Joyce Rosner's work in the exhibition, "SLICE: Connections and Deviations," will be displayed at the Kreft Center Gallery, Concordia University, Ann Arbor, Michigan, from October 25 to December 4.. A central theme in Rosner's  work is the idea of an iterative collection. Through the interplay of hand and material, narrative tension is developed between the subject and its recorded evidence.

Dr. Steven Moore, Bartlett Cocke Regents Professor of Architecture and Planning; Dr. David Adelman, Harry M. Reasoner Regents Chair in Law; and Dr. Barbara Brown Wilson, director of the UT Austin Center for Sustainable Development, have been awarded a National Science Foundation Workshop Grant to host "Sequencing and Targeting Climate Change Policy for Architecture: An Interdisciplinary and International Approach."

On September 27, Dr. Nancy Kwallek, Gene Edward Mikesa Endowed Chair in Interior Design and Director of the Interior Design Program, presented a lecture on color palettes from the 1950s, in conjunction with Mika Tajima's exhibition, "The Architect's Garden," at the UT Austin Visual Arts Center. Dr. Kwallek used Herman Miller and Knoll as examples to discuss the impact of color on our senses.

Wilfried Wang, O'Neil Ford Centennial Professor in Architecture, led the Quito Travel Studio with 13 students to Ecuador. Besides seeing the impressive work of José Maria Saez Vaquero and Adrian Moreno, both visiting professors at the School of Architecture this semester, the group met José Miguel Mantilla and the office of El Borde: David Barragan and Pascual Gangotena. The students visited a number of outstanding pieces of contemporary architecture, as well as museums with Pre-Columbian art. While in Ecuador, Wang presented a lecture on "Changing Paradigms: The Challenge of Sustainability to Architecture" at the Universidad Católica de Santiago Guayaquil and a lecture on "Judging Architecture" at the Universidad de Guayaquil.

Adjunct Associate Professor Barbara Hoidn was an invited participant in the Jane Jacobs Revisited: A Bellagio Conference" at the Rockefeller Foundation at Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio, Italy, which took place from September 29 to October 3, 2011.

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