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University of Kansas

October 11, 2011

Note that this does not pertain to the University of Kansas but rather the Architectural Research Centers Consortium

2011-12 ARCC Awards Programs

The Architectural Research Centers Consortium, Inc. (ARCC) is an international association of architectural research centers committed to the expansion of the research culture in architecture and related design disciplines. In furthering this mission, ARCC runs an annual awards program which is now seeking nominations for this year.

ARCC James Haecker Distinguished Leadership Award

The award, named in honor of ARCC's founding Executive Secretary, recognizes an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the growth of the research culture of architecture and related fields, including urban and regional planning, landscape architecture, and interior design. Nominees, therefore, should have demonstrated, whether in professional practice, academics, or service, a record of sustained and significant research leadership accomplishment at the national or international level. Nominations are due on 20 January, 2012.  

ARCC Incentive Fund Award

The ARCC Incentive Fund Award each year is offered to member institutions of ARCC to aid in the support of architectural research. This funding is intended to supplement and support ongoing efforts to disseminate findings of architectural research. The proposals are awarded for work to be completed during the following academic year.

Proposals are due on 20 January, 2012. 

ARCC New Researcher Award

The ARCC New Researcher Award each year is offered to member institutions of ARCC to acknowledge and reward emerging figures in architectural and environmental design research that demonstrate innovation in thinking, dedication in scholarship, contributions to the academy, and leadership within architectural and environmental design research. Nominations are due on 20 January, 2012.  

ARCC King Student Medal for Excellence in Architectural + Environmental Design

Named in honor of the late Jonathan King, co-founder and first president of the Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC), this award is given to one student per ARCC member college, school, institute, or unit. Selection of recipients is at the discretion of the individual member institutions, but is based upon criteria that acknowledge innovation, integrity, and scholarship in architectural and/or environmental design research.

King nominations are due 06 April, 2012.  

Please visit the ARCC website ( for further information on requirements for the various award submissions.

For further information, feel free to contact Keith Diaz Moore, Vice-President of ARCC and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies at the University of Kansas at

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