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President's Message

August 25, 2011
The beginning of July is typically a quiet moment in our academic calendars, but it is also a time when people take on new leadership roles in our schools. Today marks such a change at the ACSA as well, though no one needs to change offices or institutional settings. At ACSA transitions in leadership occur long after our annual meeting and are marked only by a flurry of emails. Daniel Friedman's year as president of our association was particularly rich with successful events and compelling projects that have advanced architectural education in multiple ways, and we thank him for his forceful leadership. 

I now have the responsibility of leading our organization during the celebration of its 100th year. Thanks to the vision and hard work of past president Marleen Davis, former board member Brian Kelly and many others, this occasion will be marked by a scholarly book, special editions of the JAE and the expansion and deployment of the innovative web exhibition—the ARCHIVE. 

Our meetings this year will span coasts and continents. The fall conference will be held in Houston and will focus on global and local themes. The administrators will convene in Los Angeles to debate innovative and diverse curricular models. Our summer meeting will again confront the issue of change but in a global context as we reinstitute our international meeting in Barcelona. Our annual gathering in March will be an inclusive celebration of our creative and scholarly work on a broad array of topics with a special focus on the impact of computation on our practices as educators and as designers. 

During this year our board will be focused on two parallel but distinct activities: we will be preparing the ACSA position leading into the next revision of the NAAB Conditions for Accreditation while simultaneously seeking ways to document and advance diverse curricular innovations beyond the minimum standards defined by NAAB. 

While we are facing challenging conditions for our schools, our graduates and our profession, I look forward to engaging many of you in making this a productive and creative moment for architectural education now and for the future.

Judith Kinnard, FAIA
Professor and Harvey-Wadsworth Chair of Landscape Urbanism 

Tulane School of Architecture

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