ACSA Governance

A New Strategic Plan

The ACSA Board of Directors voted in July to adopt and implement a new strategic plan, following on a yearlong effort to rewrite the document to make the organization more nimble and effective in carrying out its new mission statement: to lead architectural education and research. 

In addition to adopting the strategic plan, we have also revised our committee structure to involve more ACSA members. Three new program committees will be appointed for 2016-17, with specific charges tied to the strategic plan. We will share more information on these committee activities in future weeks, as the new academic year begins.

And if you didn't see President Bruce Lindsey's introduction of the strategic plan, please read here

Governance Change Background

In 2014-15 the ACSA board decided to engage in governance review to better serve ACSA members by making the ACSA Board:

  • More nimble in its ability to address emerging issues.
  • More effective in carrying out initiatives by sustaining them.
  • More responsive to member needs.
  • More engaged with the fundamental mission and purposes of the organization. 

Multiple Phases of Change

Fall 2015

Lengthen the vice president’s term to 2 years to provide more continuity


Revise the strategic plan to position the organization for stronger leadership. 

Revise the committees to become 
more responsive, engaged with the membership.


Implement the committee structure and strategic plan.


Revisit the composition of the board to become
more nimble, effective.